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Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator is one of the most well-known wine publications and relied upon by wine lovers globally. The huge variety of wines they sample (up to 15000 different wines a year!) are done by a great panel of critics that operate on blind tasting, so it is no surprise that Wine Spectator is at the forefront of consumer wine information.

Wines Rated By Wine Spectator

Boggina IGT 2011 750ml
$440.00 HKD
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Perlato del Bosco IGT 2012 750ml
$268.00 HKD
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Barbaresco Basarin DOCG 2010 (Organic & Biodynamic) 750ml
$368.00 HKD
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Champagne Cuvee "Brut" Tradition NV 750ml
Sold Out
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