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Masseria Li Veli

In 1999 the Falvo family, with over 40 years of experience in the wine business, purchased and renovated the property to give birth to an ambitious project in Apulia, a region with a long vine-growing tradition. Masseria Li Veli is located on an ancient Messapian site dominating the fertile and sunny Salento plain. It was founded by the Marquis Antonio de Viti de Marco (1858-1943), an internationally known Italian economist and university professor whose ambitious project was to transform the Masseria into a model cellar for the entire South. Today the beautifully restored Masseria covers an area of 33.000 sqm. Contrade is an independent brand produced by the Falvo family for the production of premium quality wines with distinctive character and style, remarkable quality and an extraordinary market value.                                    Cellino San Marco

Masseria Li Veli

Contrade Malvasia Bianca 2018 750ml
$90.00 HKD
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