About Us - Profood Limited

About Us

Profood came to be because of one simple thought – to share great food – and since 2011 this thought has turned into a curated distribution of high-quality and artisanal foods from around the world. We sell our products online, as well as wholesale to Hong Kong’s luxury hotels, and restaurants.

But what do we consider great food? To us, great food is something that has a piece of history, or is part of a vision by the maker. We want foods that are made ethically and sustainably with quality as the priority, free from industrial additives and harmful chemicals.

Profood does not source from the lowest bidder, instead we bridge the gap between customer and producer, personally visiting their facilities, dealing directly with the owners, learning their stories and understanding their motivations. Perhaps it’s to carry on a family tradition, perhaps it’s their love for their craft and heritage, or maybe they wish to spread their philosophy on what food should be. If they are aligned with our ethos, Profood will carry their products with pride.

Our Sourcing Criteria 

    The primary objective of the producer has to be the quality of their product, without compromise.
    All ingredients must be diligently and responsibly-sourced; free from artificial colourings, flavourings, GMO as well as harmful chemicals and other unhealthy practices. We prioritise organic options whenever possible.
    We want to know how and where our food has been grown, raised and caught. Produce has to be local and fresh, and animal welfare standards must be high, transparent and traceable.
    Though we also carry decadent products, we make sure they are the healthiest and most nutritious choice available.
    The production must be sustainable and fair trade. It must not be harmful to the environment and it must benefit and empower local communities.