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Antico Pastificio Verrigni
The Italian Cult Pasta since 1898

Located in Roseto degli Abruzzi (formerly known as Rosburgo), Verrigni is a pasta brand rich in passion, tradition and innovation since 1898. From the city’s noble families to Michelin star restaurants and gourmets all over the world, Verrigni has become a cult symbol of Italian cuisine. Run by Gaetano Verrigni and wife Francesca Petri Castelli, the company's most iconic product is their gold-cut pasta – the first of its kind – made in cooperation with artisan and goldsmith Sandro Seccia. Boasting numerous international certifications, Verrigni pasta is used by famous chefs including Massimiliano Alajmo, Beccaceci, Zunica, Bottura, Uliassi, Cedroni, Cuttaia, and Dandini.                     Roseto


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