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Mogi Caffè Monica Forcella
The Luxury Italian Coffee

MOGI caffè is an Italian espresso and lifestyle brand from Bergamo founded in 2007 by agronomist Monica Forcella (MO) and Gianluigi Forcella (GI). The siblings immediately put their family’s 30 years of experience in the coffee industry to good use by focusing on the quality and excellence of their blends; achieving ethical and organic certifications as well. MOGI caffè is present in over 300 coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and offices in Italy, and served in luxury lounge bars and Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Germany, the UK and the USA. MOGI caffè’s refined, elegant and iconic packaging has been featured in major Italian and international design and food magazines. They are also active supporters of the arts, design and literature.                     Bergamo                     Meet the supplier

Mogi Caffè

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