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Mirko Tartufi
Italian Truffle Excellence

Mirko is an expert on fresh seasonal truffles as well as their derived delicacies, and for over a decade his family run business has served many distinguished clients, bringing Italian truffle excellence to tables all around the world. The truffles are harvested in-season all year-round by a team of professional truffle hunters who waste no time in returning them to Mirko's kitchen in prime condition. Craftsmen then take the truffles and select the finest of ingredients to produce their myriad of truffle delicacies. From their rich and decadent pastes with exquisitely infused extra-virgin olive oil, to fragrant butters and silky creams, Mirko sure knows how to spoil a customer with truffles!

Mirko Tartufi FB                     Cortona (Tuscany)

Mirko Tartufi

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