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Organic Italian Rice & Grains

A staple ingredient for millions of households worldwide, Cascina Belvedere elevates the humble grain to a work of culinary art with its range of exotic rice varieties, cultivated and milled on the family farm in rural Piedmont region since the 16th century. Featuring a selection of short, medium and long-grain rice varietals alongside delicious risotto blends, the brand also offers pasta, polenta, barley and soup mixes in both conventional and organic options. The brand is committed to good environmental practices, including rejecting preservatives and pesticides while embracing the use of solar energy on their farmstead. Each batch of rice is traceable from seed to packaging. The product is worked a little at a time, by hand, with a slight hulling. This care and attention translates into a nutritionally-rich and flavoursome rice range.                    Bianzé

Cascina Belvedere

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