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Organic Birch Tree Sap

Lithuania is one of the cleanest countries in the world! More than 30% of its territory is covered in green forests, clean rivers and lakes. When spring approaches and wakes up nature, when everything comes to life, so does Sip Sap. The melting snow enriches the roots of the trees with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that give their benefit to the sap and subsequently to you, starting from the very first gulp. For centuries, birch forests have been tapped for their unique tree water – sap. The traditions of tapping remain the same even nowadays as well as the fresh energy blast each time you sip a sap. With only 3 kcal per 100ml, this tonic has many traditional virtues for beauty, sports, as well as in the elimination of toxic substances from the liver and kidneys.                     Vilnius, Lithuania

Sip Sap

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