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Piemonte Bianco Ne? DOC 2016 (Organic & Demeter) 750ml

  • This white by Punset is called “Né’?” after a popular Piedmontese slang, used to give a positive emphasis to a conversation. Flowery with the crispness of apple and pear on the nose that carries onto the palate which transforms into notes of honey and butter with a slight acidic kick, all suspended in a strong body.



    - Made in Italy (Neive, Piedmont)
    - Certified Organic Winery (Ecocert Italia)
    - Biodynamic Agriculture
    - Appellation Langhe
    - 80% Arneis, 20% Chardonnay
    - 12.5% Alcohol
    - Pairs With White Fish
    - A Green & Flinty White


    Before opening, store your wine in the dark and on its side, to avoid the cork from drying out. The ideal wine storage temperature is 12°C at a humidity of 70%. All changes should occur slowly and should never fluctuate more than 1.5°C in a day. Keep the temperature as constant as possible, and do not exceed a storage temperature of 24°C, as this will cause the wine it to oxidise. After opening, place the cork back in tightly the bottle and store in the fridge. Consume within 3 days.

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