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This outstanding organic and biodynamic estate just outside the village Saint Yzans de Medoc, sits right on the “croupe de Mazails”; a hilltop that has some of the best drainage in the region. No pesticides nor unnatural chemicals are used. Proprietor Olivier Decelle (the same visionary behind Château Jean Faure in St.-Emilion, and great Mas Amiel in Perpignan) is pushing the estate to heights never before seen, replanting vines at a density of 10,000 plants per hectare to put more stress on the vines, lowering yields and thus producing more concentrated, character-rich fruit. Only a few Cru Bourgeois estates go to such lengths for quality.

Saint Yzans de Medoc

Château Haut-Maurac (Organic & Biodynamic)

Château Haut-Maurac 2018 (Organic & Demeter) 750ml
$218.00 HKD
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