"Piccoli Italiani" Cheese Knife Set - Profood Limited

"Piccoli Italiani" Cheese Knife Set

  • Different parts of a cheese have different flavours, and to fully appreciate a cheese it is imperative to adopt the proper cutting technique. This five piece cheese knife set by heritage brand Berti is a great place to start! The handles are made from single blocks of olive wood, suitably shaped and perforated to accommodate the shank of the knife and characterised by beautiful light brown to dark brown veins. The blades are laser cut, with a glossy and polished finish.

  • Key Features:

    - Made in Italy (Scarperia, Tuscany)
    - Over 100 Year Family Run Workshop
    - Specialised in Handcrafted Knives, Blades & Other Kitchen Utensils
    - Use Same Techniques & Materials Since 1895
    - A Profood Exclusive
    - Gift Idea


    Number of pieces: 5
    Weight: 321g
    Blade: 11cm stainless steel X50CrMoV15, polished (glossy), laser cut
    Handle: olive wood
    Includes: 1x fork, 1x heart knife, 1x bell knife, 1x soft-cheese knife, 1x spatula knife

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