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Parmigiano Reggiano Sola di Bruna 24M Gift Set 1kg

  • The "Bruna Alpina" cow is a docile animal with a brown coat and a sweet and intense look. The uniqueness of its milk derives from its high protein content, particularly the casein which is so important to achieve the extraordinary quality of this Parmigiano Reggiano cheese by Montanari & Gruzza. Its flavour is sweeter and more aromatic than a standard Parmigiano Reggiano. This gift comes with a parmesan cheese knife.


    Key Features:

    - Made in Italy (Monchio Delle Olle, Reggio-Emilia)
    - Producing Butter & Parmesan Since 1950
    - They Breed Their Own Organically Raised Cows
    - Protected Designation of Origin (DOP)
    - Lactose-Free
    - Paleo 
    - Low Carb / Keto 
    - Soy-Free
    - Gluten-Free
    - Non-GMO


    Milk°, salt, rennet.

    ° From certified organic cultivation 


    Contains milk.

    100% natural Parmigiano Reggiano cheese made without additives and preservatives and naturally lactose-free. The absence of lactose is a natural consequence of the typical Parmigiano Reggiano cheese making process, where it is transformed into lactic acid at the very beginning of the maturation process. (Source).

    This product contains trace amounts of naturally occurring trans fats, typical of dairy fat and ruminant animals. Unlike industrial trans fats, natural trans fats from animal products are not associated with any increased risk of heart disease. (Source).


    Store in the refrigerator.

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