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Pag Cheese Aged in Pressed Wine Grapes 325g

  • A premium pag cheese by family-dairy Sirana Gligora, aged in pressed red wine grapes (must) from one of Croatia's most celebrated wine producers, Boskinac. As the pungent purple must slowly infuses the cheese, it creates a unique sweet and delicate aroma and taste with a softer and somewhat more supple texture. Paški Sir is a hard sheep-milk cheese, handmade exclusively from the milk of the indigenous sheep of the small island of Pag. Described by Michelin starred chefs of the International Taste & Quality Institute as a "wonderfully tasteful sheep milk cheese that brings a full and complex flavour to the palate and melts nicely in the mouth".


    Key Features:

    - Made in Croatia (Kolan, Pag Island)
    - A Family Dairy Since 1918
    - Gold Medal at The International Cheese Awards 2014
    - A Profood Exclusive
    - Paleo 
    - Low Carb / Keto 
    - Soy-Free
    - Gluten-Free
    - Non-GMO
    - Kosher

    The unique flavour of this cheese is derived from the island's unique "terroir". Located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, a powerful winter wind called the Bora breaks up the sea's surface and deposits sea salt on the grass and wild endemic herbs the sheep graze on, creating a unique milk high in protein and flavour.


    Pasteurised sheep milk, microbial rennet, salt.


    Contains milk and dairy.


    Keep refrigerated.

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