Organic Carnaroli Risotto Rice 1kg - Profood Limited

Organic Carnaroli Risotto Rice 1kg

  • Best before 14/03/2018

    A carnaroli rice by Cascina Belvedere. This variety has the highest content of amylose, a substance that contributes to make the grain compact. It boasts special gastronomic properties appreciated by great chefs, for its ability to stay hard at the core while remaining perfectly separated.

  • Key Features:

    - Made in Italy (Vercelli, Piemonte)
    - Family Owned Business
    - Perfect For Authentic Italian Risottos and Other Recipes
    - Certified Organic
    - ITPI Certified 100% Italian
    - Paleo
    - Gluten-Free
    - Vegan
    - Soy-Free
    - Non-GMO


    Carnaroli rice°.

    ° From certified organic cultivation


    May contain traces of barley.


    Keep in a cool and dry place.

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