Lunika 360 Moka Pot - Profood Limited

Lunika 360 Moka Pot

  • Lunika 360 moka pot by Francesco Fusillo is made of solid wood and stainless steel. One pot makes up to 3 cups of coffee. The pot has no handle, as the wood keeps cool while your brew stays hot.

  • Key Features:

    - Made in Italy (Casale Corte Cerro, Piedmont)
    - A Profood Exclusive
    - Selected by ADI Design for "Compasso d'Oro" (The Most Important Italian Design Award)- Ideal for Brewing Italian Espresso
    - Ideal for Brewing Italian Espresso
    - Gift Idea
    - Holds Up To 3 Cups of Coffee
    - Stainless Steel Boiler
    - Stainless Steel Filter
    - Solid Wood Collecting Chamber
    - Spare Parts Available
    - Compatible with Pyroceram, Induction, Flame & Electric Stoves

    Instructions For Use:

    How To Use The Lunika 360 Moka Pot

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