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Grated Grey Mullet Bottarga 100g

  • The bottarga by Stefano Rocca is one of great personality and character. Similar to anchovies, bottarga has an intense aroma of the sea with a slight salty taste, and silkier texture. It pairs nicely with mozzarella, buratta, celery, artichokes, and beans.

  • Bottarga (botargo) is the Italian word for a delicacy of cured fish roe. Although produced in many places in the Mediterranean and Asia, and from different fish species, the best is from Sardinia and is made traditionally from the grey mullet.

    From: Sardinia, Italy

    Size: 100g vacuum-pack

    Ingredients: mullet's roe (fish) and salt

     2° place Gambero Rosso, May 2009

    Storage: keep refrigerated

Type: Fish roe

Producer: Stefano Rocca

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