Gluten-Free Teff Rigatoni 400g - Profood Limited

Gluten-Free Teff Rigatoni 400g

  • Best before date: 30/11/2019

    A delicious bronze-cut pasta by Nativa Food for gluten intolerants and those who want to stay light, without sacrificing the pleasures of a good plate of Italian pasta. Made with 30% teff flour this pasta is richer in fibre, minerals and protein than regular pasta, and best of all it actually stays al dente (to the tooth); unlike many gluten-free pastas.

  • Key Features:

    - Made in Italy (Treviso, Veneto)
    - Made with Teff - A Supergrain From Ethiopia
    - Same Taste and Mouthfeel as Standard Pasta
    - Wholegrain, Bronze-Cut & Slow Dried
    - Highly Nutritious (High Fibre, High Minerals, High Protein) 
    - Certified Gluten-Free
    - Soy-Free
    - Nut-Free
    - Non-GMO


    White teff flour (30%), yellow corn flour, white corn flour, water.


    May contain traces of soy.


    Keep in a cool and dry place.

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