Gluten-Free Teff Grissini 120g - Profood Limited

Gluten-Free Teff Grissini 120g

  • Hong Kong's only gluten-free grissini by Nativa Food.

  • Key Features:

    - Made in Italy (Treviso)
    - Made with Teff - The New Superfood
    - Same Taste and Mouthfeel as Traditional Grissini
    - Certified Gluten-Free
    - Vegan
    - Soy-Free
    - Nut-Free
    - Lactose-Free
    - Non-GMO

    Made with natural ingredients.


    De-glutinated wheat starch, water, teff flour, potato flour, olive oil, corn starch, salt, beer yeast, thickener (guar gum, psyllium seed flour), dextrose, emulsifier (fatty acid mono- and diglycerides).


    Contains yeast.


    Keep in a cool and dry place.

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