Caviar GOLD Per Se (Baerii Traditional) 500g - Profood Limited

Caviar GOLD Per Se (Baerii Traditional) 500g

  • This fresh caviar is made from Acipenser Baerii sturgeon, also known as the Siberian sturgeon. Processed with the traditional Malossol method meaning "less salt", the caviar eggs are 2.6 to 3 mm in diameter, and its colors oscillates between brown tones, dark grey, black and exceptionally golden brown and green. Balanced and harmonious, it offers an initial marine taste, with a firm texture, and a smooth and creamy stroke on the palate before exploding in the mouth, releasing a bouquet of flavours and aromas with a very subtle iodized aftertaste. A true exclusive treat!

  • Key Features:

    - Made in Spain (At The Foothill Of The Pyrenees)
    - Closed Circuit Production (From Fish to Tin)
    - Sustainable and Ethical Farming
    - Raised With The Melting Waters From The Pyrenees Mountains
    - Total Traceability
    - Gluten-Free


    Siberian sturgeon caviar (acipenser baerii)


    Contains seafood.


    Keep refrigerated at -2 to +2 C, consume immediately.

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