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Cantabrian Anchovies in Olive Oil 48g

  • With their rich meat, and gentle taste - not too salty, nor too fishy - these are hands down the best anchovies you will ever taste! Try them on some bread with butter, with fresh tomatoes or cheese, as well as on salads, pizza, and meat.

  • From Santoña, Don Bocarte produces anchovies only from the Bay of Biscay, known as the best place in the world for anchovies thanks to the special algal "blooms" that the fish feed on. Anchovies are a natural flavour enhancer and will improve almost any savoury dish.

    From: Cantabria, Spain
    Size: 48g tin (7 fillets)
    Ingredients: Bay of Biscay anchovies, extra-virgin olive oil and salt
    Storage: keep refrigerated

Type: Anchovies

Producer: Don Bocarte

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