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For The Best Employee in The World 70g

  • A beautiful gift as a thank you to exceptional employees. A dark chocolate by Zotter with a 70% cocoa content filled with a homemade mulled red wine ganache and a milk chocolate mousse that’s festively enhanced with orange liqueur. All this deliciousness is covered in two layers – one made of a very thin caramel chocolate and the other one a sublime white chocolate with a little cinnamon and gingerbread spices.


    Key Features:

    - Made in Austria (Riegersburg)
    - One of the Top Chocolatier in the World
    - Europe's Only Organic & Fair Trade Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Company
    - Over 400 Different Varieties of Chocolate Products
    - Certified IMO & EMAS
    - Certified Organic
    - Certified Fair Trade
    - Gluten-Free
    - Non-GMO


    Raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, cocoa butter°, butter°, full cream milk powder°, rice syrup°, red wine° (contains: sulfites), orange liqueur°, skimmed milk powder°, caramelised milk powder° (skimmed milk powder°, sugar°), rum°, orange juice°, orange spirit°, dried oranges°, orange juice concentrate°, skimmed milk yoghurt powder°, sweet whey powder°, whole cane sugar°, cinnamon°, gingerbread spice°, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, lemon juice concentrate°, salt, vanilla powder°, star anise°, cloves°, lemon powder° (lemon juice concentrate, corn starch°, sugar°).

    Cocoa: 70% minimum in the noble bitter chocolate° 

    ° From certified organic cultivation


    Contains dairy, nuts and soy.


    As Zotter does not use stabilisers and preservative agents their chocolates are more temperature-sensitive than other chocolate products, and should be stored in a cool and dry place at an ideal temperature between 16°C and 18°C. Please do not store these chocolates in the fridge, where they would lose the sugar content and crystallise due to the humidity.

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