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James Suckling
James Suckling

James Suckling is the founder of Great Wines and Divino, some of the most popular wine evets in Asia, the U.S.A and Europe. He has also written for the highly esteemed wine publication Wine Spectator and is frequently interviewed by wine journalists and fellow critics for his expert opinion. Once in Gentlemen, an Italian wine magazine, he voiced his opinion on the matter of tasting and critiquing wines, stating that “wine is like music”, explaining that the enjoyment comes not from the knowledge of the wine but comes from the emotional response of drinking. He concludes that the process of tasting wines should be an emotional process instead of a scientific breakdown of the finer details.

Wines Rated By James Suckling

CiFra IGT 2019 (Organic & Demeter) 750ml
$320.00 HKD
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