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Stefano Rocca Bottarga
Sardinian Grey Mullet Bottarga

Stefano Rocca is an artisan producer from Sardinia whose family has been producing bottarga for the last 100 years. Employing the same traditional production methods, the company became the first in its field to bring ground bottarga to the market, and is still today the only company to develop a sea urchin and bottarga pâté. It has won many awards, including best bottarga of Sardegna at the Sardinia Food Awards 2016 and 2017, and the recognition of the Gambero Rosso as one of the top bottarga producers of Italy!

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Stefano Rocca

Grated Grey Mullet Bottarga 100g
$200.00 HKD
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Whole Grey Mullet Bottarga 132-170g
$235.00 HKD $295.00 HKD
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Whole Grey Mullet Bottarga 40-66g
$100.00 HKD
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