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Rosa Lafuente
Conserving Galicia Since 1904

Rosa Lafuente is a one hundred-year-old company dedicated to the artisanal and traditional production of canned fish and seafood. Located in Vilanova de Arousa, in the heart of the saline estuary Ría de Arousa along the Galician coast - they select only the finest raw materials which are then packed by hand, and without the use of chemicals nor preservatives. The Ría de Arousa is blessed with a unique marine biodiversity thanks to the archipelagos of Cíes, Ons and Sálvora - offering protection from northern currents - and a supply of nutrient rich waters from surrounding rivers.                     Pontevedra

Rosa Lafuente

Sardinillas (Small Sardines) in Olive Oil (22 fillets)
$85.00 HKD
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