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A Different Class of Silver

Pampaloni is a bridge between two worlds; old school craftsmanship, and contemporary technology and design. Founded in Florence in 1902, the same family of silversmiths have flourished through the decades into the 21th century as a luxury designer brand. They achieved this by embracing the future applying timeless techniques using modern machinery to create precise, precious pieces that will impress guests and be a catalyst for classy conversation. From jewellery and tableware, to fashion and accessories, Pampaloni silver is uniquely designed and unmatched in its blend of historical artistry and modern imagery. If you’re a silver aficionado, Pampaloni will not only meet your expectations, they will exceed them, and set your bar higher.                     Florence

Pampaloni Silver

Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Knife
$1,280.00 HKD
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