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Mind Sweets
Organic Vegan Gummy Bears

Mindsweets is a Berlin based company that creates delicious handmade treats for “meditasting”. The idea for the Buddha Bears came from the founder who found himself eating gummy bears one day and thinking “how hypocritical is this? You have not eaten meat, poultry or fish for over 20 years - but you shrug your shoulders at these gummies with gelatine?!” And then he had the idea: “if I were a gummy bear maker, I would make them without gelatine and call them Buddha Bears!” The more he told friends about his idea, the more surprised he was about the positive feedback. His Managing Director is also a Dharma Master and teaches at the international Kwan Um Zen School. Each member of their small team volunteers in a Buddhist community or in the social field.

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Mind Sweets

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