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CIES Pasteurizados
Organic Galician Mussels

Launched by a team of entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience in seafood, CIES Pasteurizados is specialized in the pasteurization of all types of mollusks (both chilled and frozen). They own their own filter system and fish farms, giving them complete control over all stages of the production and a raw material of unparalleled quality. Their pasteurized Galician mussels are certainly the most in demand. The product undergoes a heating process which renders all bacteria that may be present inactivate, thus enabling a longer shelf life without losing the organoleptic characteristics/features of freshly cooked seafood. They contain no preservatives, coloring or additives, are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, low in calories and have a high nutritional value.                     Sanxenxo, Pontevedra

CIES Pasteurizados

Precooked Organic Galician Mussels (Mejillón) 1kg
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