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Authentic Iberian Caviar

Started by two French aquaculture enthusiasts, Arnault Chaperon and Laurent Villaeys-Sakalian, Caviar Per Sé has become the largest breeder and caviar producer of trout and sturgeon in Spain. They have three fish farms located at the foothills of the Pyrenees, in El Grado, Oliván and Yesa. Of course, the company is compatible with sustainable aquaculture thanks to many quality guarantees and certifications. Among those, one of their farms has the Organic Certification. The production is entirely Spanish. It is also sustainable due to their control of the whole sturgeon cycle, from reproduction to elaboration of the famous caviar in their own plant. They guarantee a total traceability during the production process.                     Barbastro, Spain

Caviar Per Se

Caviar GOLD Per Sé (Baerii Malossol) 500g
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Caviar GOLD Per Sé (Baerii Malossol) 100g
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