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Organic Umbrian Rustic Soups

For over two centuries, the Corneli family have been cultivating cereals, legumes and olives in San Vito in Monte, Umbria. To them, food is to be shared, prepared, and enjoyed with the whole family; something that is becoming scarce practice in our current frantic lifestyles. People are less willing to spend time in the kitchen, so Casa Corneli decided to do the work for them. Incorporating traditional recipes with no preservatives or additives, they make thick hearty stews of beans, pulses, and legumes, all made with organic ingredients. These soups offer a taste of what can be achieved with a little love and dedication to good food.                     Perugia

Casa Corneli

Organic Lentil Soup with Tomatoes and Sage 350g
$68.00 HKD
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