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Marina Marcarino Punset
Certified Organic Winery

Punset is an innovator when it comes to organic wine. Inheriting the estate in 1982, Marina Marcarino is a fifth generation winemaker, and she took her estate to the future whilst preserving age-old traditions. She transformed all 20 hectares of her land into a fully organic vineyard during a time where major producers of Barolo and Barberesco were abandoning tradition to compete commercially. Instead of following the trend, she struck out on her own, and made wines that resonated with her past and passions. Known for the very first certified organic Barberesco of Italy, Marina continues to show the world that you can preserve tradition and think of the future simultaneously.

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Punset (Organic & Biodynamic)

Barbaresco Basarin DOCG 2012 (Organic & Biodynamic) 750ml
$398.00 HKD
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Piemonte Bianco Ne? DOC 2015 (Organic & Biodynamic) 750ml
$122.00 HKD
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Piemonte Rosso Neh! DOC 2016 (Organic & Biodynamic) 750ml
$148.00 HKD
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