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  • Two-Ingredient, Dairy-Free Chocolate & Banana "Nice-Cream"

June 22, 2017

Whether you’re on a diet or simply trying to tame a sweet tooth, dessert is the hardest thing to resist, especially as the temperature heats up! This is where the trusty banana comes in. When frozen then blended, it can take many forms – including that of “ice cream”.

While admittedly this isn’t ice cream in the strictest sense of the word, it is an easy and delicious dairy-free alternative that is perfect if you don’t have the space for an ice cream maker but still want a quick fix of summery sweetness.

Banana & Xocitto 100% Dark Drinking Chocolate by Zotter

To create this simple and foolproof summer treat, you’ll need just two ingredients –cocoa powder or chocolate bars, and ripe bananas. I’ve used the Xocitto 100% Organic Drinking Chocolate Bars here, as I find that the slight bitterness of the cocoa balances well with the fruity sweetness of ripe banana.  

Chocolate & Banana Nice-Cream

This recipe is extremely versatile – if you’re craving a smoothie, simply add milk or single cream to the same ingredients. It also makes a great base for a sundae when combined with fruit coulis and whipped cream.

Serves 2-4

4 bananas, sliced
2 bars Xocitto 100% Organic Drinking Chocolate
Honey or sugar to taste (optional)

  1. Melt the chocolate bars in bain-marie, ensuring that no water gets into the bowl.
  2. If you are using cocoa or chocolate powder rather than chocolate bars, freeze the banana slices before blending.
  3. Using a food processor or hand blender, pulse together the banana slices and melted chocolate until the mixture is smooth and creamy. At this stage, you may add some honey or sugar if you prefer a slightly sweeter treat.
  4. Freeze for at least 2-3 hours, or until solid.
  5. Serve in individual bowls or glasses, topped with fresh banana slices or nuts.

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