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  • Honey-Glazed Duck Breast With Plum Sauce And Pumpkin Purée

We recently had a few friends over for a cosy dinner, and I decided on a duck dish for our main course. While roast duck may be conventionally paired with orange sauce in Western cuisine (as with the iconic French canard à l'orange), I wanted to try something a little different. I decided to pair the duck with Mekhala’s Plum Sauce instead, playing homage to a classic Cantonese roast duck; I also finished off the dish with pumpkin purée, which gave a hint of sweetness that went well with both the meat and the sauce. This dish was quick to make and everyone seemed to love it, which makes it a success in my book!

Serves 4

1 medium-sized pumpkin (the Japanese ones found at most supermarkets are perfect)
2 medium-sized duck breasts (about 300-400g each)
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp of Chinese five-spice powder
2 tbsp Mekhala Organic Plum Sauce
2 tbsp runny honey
Salt and pepper to taste


For the pumpkin puree:

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 170°C (150°C if fan-assisted). Cut the pumpkin in half horizontally then scoop out the pith and seeds. Add 1 tablespoon of butter into each pumpkin half’s cavity, then season with salt and pepper.
  2. Cover each half in foil, place into a baking dish then bake for 45 minutes to an hour, until the pumpkin is soft and tender.
  3. Scrape out the pumpkin and purée in a blender until completely smooth. Place the puree into a bowl and set aside.

For the roast duck breast:

  1. Score the duck breasts’ skin in a criss-cross pattern, ensuring that you don’t cut all the way through, then rub all over with salt and Chinese five-spice powder.
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 170°C (150°C if fan-assisted). Mix honey and plum sauce in a small bowl.
  3. Place the duck breasts skin-down in an ovenproof pan over a medium heat, then cook for 6-8 minutes or until the skin is crisp and golden. Turn, and then cook for another minute. Drain off any excess fat – I’d highly recommend saving this in a small jar in your fridge for perfect duck-fat potatoes another day!
  4. With your duck breasts skin-up in the pan, brush the honey-plum sauce mixture all over, before placing the pan in the oven and cooking for 6-8 minutes. Continue basting the duck breasts with the sauce from the pan throughout to keep them moist.
  5. Remove the meat from the oven, wrap in aluminium foil and let it rest for around 5 minutes. Keep the sauce in the pan, and reheat the pumpkin purée if required.
  6. To serve, carve the duck breasts diagonally into thin slices. Place a generous spoonful of pumpkin purée onto each plate, and place the duck slices on top. Drizzle the honey-plum sauce over the meat and then serve immediately. 

About The Author

A self-professed gourmand who loves both eating out and experimenting with new cooking techniques at home, Gary also writes his own blog Joie de Vivre to keep track of his many eating and travelling adventures (as well as occasional mumblings about random things!). When he's not too busy eating, drinking, cooking and sleeping, he enjoys travelling, collecting kitchen gadgets, watching football and playing golf. Follow him on Instagram for even more food inspiration!

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