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  • Easy Summer Lunch: Fruit Salad, Cold Brewed Lemongrass Tea & Rainbow Ice Pops

August 25, 2016

As far as meal preparation is concerned during summer, I’m all for something quick and simple; the last thing I want to do is spend hours slaving over a hot stove in such hot and humid weather! Summer is also the perfect time to serve cold dishes bursting with bold flavours, so here are a few recipes that fit exactly the above criteria – perfect for an easy lunch or as part of a more substantial meal.

Orange Pomegranate Radish Summer Fruit Salad

We’ll start things off with a simple summer fruit salad, using a combination of salad greens, fresh fruits and Popol’s raspberry vinaigrette for a sharp, tangy bite; then on the side, it’s a thirst-quenching ice-brewed tea using dried lemongrass from our friends at Mekhala. To wrap things up, how about some ice popsicles made from TVB smoothies, all of which are created using fresh organic fruits without any extra artificial flavourings? Most of these dishes can be made in advance at your leisure too… we feel a picnic coming on!

Serve 4

Summer Fruit Salad

1 medium-sized pomegranate
2 navel oranges
½ lb mixed leafy salad greens (i.e. mesclun, romaine lettuce, frisée, spinach, arugula)
4 mini radishes

For the dressing
2 tbsp Popol raspberry vinaigrette
¼ cup olive oil
2 tsp sugar
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Wash the salad greens thoroughly and shake dry – use a salad spinner if you have one. Mix and shred into smaller pieces, then place them in a large bowl.
  2. Place all the dressing ingredients in a closed jar, then shake until everything is mixed well. Season this with some salt and pepper.
  3. Cut the oranges into slices without any membrane and pith and use a mandolin to cut the radishes into thin slices.
  4. Cut the pomegranate in half and use your hands to remove the seeds from the white membrane inside – the best way of doing this is under a bowl of water so the seeds won’t stain your clothes or countertop. Strain the seeds and set aside. (Profood tip: you’ve probably yielded more seeds than you need for this salad, so save any extra in the refrigerator for other dishes later!)
  5. Just before serving, pour the dressing into the bowl of salad leaves and toss until everything is well mixed. Put the orange and radish slices on top, and add four tablespoons of pomegranate seeds into the bowl. Serve immediately.
Cold Brewed Lemongrass Tea with Honey

Cold Brewed Lemongrass Tea by Mekhala

Cold brewing is my favourite method of making tea during summer; it’s super easy and gives the tea a much milder, more refreshing taste – the only catch being you need to use slightly more tea leaves than when you brew with hot water.

1 litre water (cold or room temperature)
3 tbsp tea leaves (any tea works, but I personally prefer chamomile, peppermint or rooibos for this recipe)
1 tbsp Mekhala dried lemongrass
1 tbsp honey
Slice of lemon or lime (for garnish)


  1. Fill a large pitcher with water and add the lemongrass and tea leaves; you could also use a mortar to grind the dried lemongrass slightly beforehand for a stronger flavour.
  2. Put the pitcher into the refrigerator (preferably with a lid on) and let it steep for 6-8 hours or overnight.
  3. Strain the leaves and serve with a drizzled tablespoon of honey in a highball glass, garnished with a slice of lime or lemon. The tea can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week.
Rainbow Ice Popsicles

Rainbow Ice Pops with TVB smoothies

Frozen dessert is always a crowd-pleaser, especially in summer! Ice popsicles can easily be made at home, especially if you have plastic popsicle moulds; if you don’t, fill a paper cup with the popsicle mixture, insert the popsicle stick and just cut open the paper after the mixture has fully frozen… trust me, it works just as well! For this recipe, we’ve used ready-made smoothies for extra speed and convenience – try mixing and matching the smoothie flavours to make colourful layers or swirls, or just use one single flavour with some yogurt for each popsicle.

TVB smoothies (flavours of your choice)
8 tbsp plain yogurt (2 for each popsicle)


  1. Spoon one tablespoon of yogurt into each popsicle mould.
  2. Use a funnel, squeeze bottle or resealable plastic bag with the corner cut open to squeeze the smoothies into the mould; the amount you’ll need depends on the size of your moulds.
  3. Insert the popsicle stick according to the direction of your plastic mould and put it into the fridge to set. If you’re going to make a layered popsicle, you may need to leave the mould in the fridge for at least one hour to set before adding each additional layer on top.
  4. Freeze the popsicles overnight before serving.

For more of Gary’s food adventures, head to his blog Joie De Vivre.

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