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  • Crostini with Nero di Chianina (Beef Liver Pâté)

June 03, 2014

Considered the leanest, the lowest in cholesterol and the easiest to digest of all beefs (as well as one of the best tasting in the world) Nero di Chianina is a delicious a versatile pâté made with Chianina beef. This pâté is the brainchild of Tuscan butcher and craftsman extraordinaire Simone Fracassi. Simone believes in the importance of understanding and appreciating every cut of meat, even the less noble one's, so that no piece ever goes to waste. His values and passion for the enhancement of the Chianina breed have inspired him to create a small array of tasty and home-made sauces and stews, including this black Chianina pâté, so that we may all enjoy a little taste of this Tuscan tradition, even as far away as here in Hong Kong!

Crostini with nero di chianina - preparation

Nero di Chianina
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh rosemary
Country bread (eg. ciabatta) 
Garlic clove


  1. Place the some nero di chianina in a bowl and mix with a handful of freshly chopped rosemary.
  2. Slice your bread into 1cm slices, lightly toast and then rub with a whole garlic clove.
  3. Spread your pâté and rosemary mix on top of the slices and garnish with some salt, extra rosemary leaves and a light drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. This gorgeous appetiser goes down very well with a full bodied red wine like one of my favourite Tuscan reds: Torrione IGT by Petrolo.

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A native Italian-Austrian based in Hong Kong, Tamara Agusta is a branding expert, integrative nutrition fanatic, aspiring yogi, food nerd, and the General Manager at Profood Hong Kong. Beautiful designs make her happy, and she cannot live without avocados, airplanes, coffee (MOGI, of course) or Evernote. Follow her on Instagram.

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