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  • The Profood Guide To The Best Italian Summer Coffee

June 22, 2016

Feeling hot, hot, hot? As the mercury rises here in Hong Kong, we tend to turn towards refreshingly chilled long drinks, while replacing heavy desserts with something short and sweet to round off our lighter summer meals. But forget about sickly-sweet sodas and cloying ice creams; here at Profood we’re all about chilling out like grown-ups, meaning we’re busting out the beans for some caffeinated summer treats!

We’ve put together three authentically Italian coffee recipes that are perfect for the summer months, using only the finest Mogi Caffè luxury coffee. Founded in Bergamo back in 2007 by siblings Monica and Gianluigi Forcella, Mogi Caffè offer coffee with a conscience, focusing on an ethical, small-scale supply chain. The roasting process takes place in collaboration with cooperatives working to reintegrate young people who have previously had difficulties back into society. Producing coffee gives them a valuable trade, while the accountability of working with these smaller suppliers guarantees traceability and fair working practices.


So whether you’re a bean-to-cup devotee, dig the grounds, or love the click-and-run convenience of capsules, keeping your cool has never tasted so good. Worried you’ll be up all night? Mogi Caffè’s decaffeinated coffee is every bit as aromatic and delicious as the original!


1. Italian-Style Coffee With Whipped Cream

The ultimate in sophisticated simplicity, this short coffee is the ideal digestif after an alfresco dinner party or a balcony meal à deux, and will round off your meal without that sinking feeling.

Mogi Coffee with Whipped Cream

  1. Using your Mogi Caffè beans, capsules or ground coffee, according to your preference, prepare a short or single espresso – this is traditionally 30ml of coffee.
  2. Adding your coffee to an espresso cup – and if you’re a coffee enthusiast, we bet you’ll have quite a few to choose from! – quickly top with a peak of freshly whipped cream.
  3. Savour the creamy intensity of the whipped cream, which provides a mellow counterpoint to the bitter espresso. Drink before the cream is totally dissolved.


    2. Caffè Shakerato

    This summer classic is both refreshing and deceptively simple to make, using just two ingredients to create a delicious – and quintessentially Italian ­– chilled drink.

    Mogi Coffee Shakerato

    1. Make a double espresso – this is 60ml of coffee – using either a capsule machine or ground coffee in a Moka pot.
    2. Pour your coffee into a glass along with two heaped tablespoons of ice cubes – around 6-8 cubes. If you prefer your coffee sweeter, you can add two teaspoons of sugar to the ice at this stage.
    3. Cover the glass with a cocktail shaker and work those muscles! Alternatively, if you’re using a milk frother, or cappuccinatore, to do the hard work, ensure your ice is pre-crushed to avoid any damage.
    4. Serve in a glass, adding a coffee bean or two for authenticity, then enjoy in a shady spot!


      3. Affogato al Caffè  

      The ultimate in after-dinner indulgence, this gelato and espresso-based dessert-in-a-cup is a match made in coffee heaven.Prepare your short, or single, espresso in a small cup (approximately 30ml of coffee).

      Mogi Coffee Affogato al Caffe

      1. Add a scoop of vanilla gelato to the bottom of a second cup. We love creamy gelato that’s not too sweet and uses natural ingredients – try a tub of Hong Kong-made XTC Gelato or better yet, make your own using our delicious Pompona vanilla pods!
      2. Pour your espresso over the top of the gelato. 
      3. Eat… quickly! The combination of caramel notes from Mogi’s espresso with the gelato’s vanilla flavours are utterly irresistible.

        So if you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, chill out with one of these refreshing coffee creations... delizioso!

        P.S. And for an innovative savoury recipe with a surprisingly caffeinated twist, check out Gary’s coffee-rubbed pork ribs!

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        Kate Farr is a co-founding writer and editor at Editors' Ink HK, a blogger at Accidental Tai-Tai and a mum to two little boys. With a husband who's an enthusiastic amateur cook and two young sons with big appetites to feed, mealtimes play a central role in Kate's home life. Motto: "Diet? What diet?' Follow her on Instagram.

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