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  • Take Your Pleasure Seriously: A Guide to Finding the Chocolate You Deserve

An addiction to chocolate is a real thing. If you find yourself fantasizing throughout the day about where you’re going to get your next chocolate fix, then consider yourself a bona fide cacaophile. Honestly, the thought of depriving oneself of such a heavenly treat is blasphemous, in my opinion, especially when there are chocolatiers around the globe fusing craftsmanship with artistry, like Zotter of Styria, Austria, which Profood is introducing in its online store this month.

It’s a fantastic time to be obsessed with chocolate, as we are currently experiencing a chocolate revolution, with combinations being divined to satiate our wildest imaginations: Flavors such as nougat with almonds, oranges and cardamom, caramel with chili and ginger, and champagne with roasted walnuts are enough to make a grown adult giddy with excitement (I know I’m blushing).

With that said, there is no reason why any chocolate-obsessed person should settle for convenience-store candy bars that contain horrific ingredients such as hydrogenated kern oil. Eating that kind of filth is unacceptable. We live in Hong Kong— the city where epicurean lifestyles are cultivated! If chocolate is what you love, then I propose that it’s time to take your pleasure seriously.

Becoming a connoisseur in chocolate is much like becoming an expert in music. To appreciate the variations, you must be audacious and earnest to try new flavors befitting to your current mood. This will not be a shallow endeavor; on the contrary: Establishing an intimate bond with chocolate will require a command of all five senses if you are to fully appreciate it. With time, patience, and dedication, you will be able to hone your taste to recognize the highest standard of chocolate and learn what brings you the most joy.

The following are five steps detailing how to cultivate your taste for the finest chocolate the world has to offer. We suggest you eat and repeat as necessary:

  1. Start a journal. Journaling is one of the best ways of recording your experiences as you discover new brands. When writing, do your best to clear your mind and really focus on the task at hand: Which emotions are being triggered? What thoughts pop into your head? How does this bar of chocolate stand out from the rest? Are any of your senses more engaged than normal? Don’t be shy— the more candid and honest you are, the higher the satisfaction.
  1. Be ready to spend a little more for quality. Good ingredients are not cheap, so if you encounter a chocolate bar that costs the same as a pack of gum, be suspicious.
  1. Check the ingredient listing. Chocolate made primarily from cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, and natural vanilla will yield the most promising taste. As a rule of thumb, the more chemical ingredients there are, the lower in quality the chocolate will be.
  1. Know the origin of the cacao. Chocolate will vary in flavor depending on where the cacao was grown. There are two main types of cacao (Forastero and Trinitario), and they are grown in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, or the South Pacific. For example, a Forastero cacao bean grown in Cote d’Ivoire, Africa will carry notes of tobacco, whereas a Forastero cacao bean harvested from Brazil in South America will have strong hints of vanilla. 

    The Zotter chocolate bars are famous for its “bean-to-bar” philosophy, which promises that all chocolate production takes place in-house, thereby assuring its premium quality. The fairly traded organic cacao beans are purchased directly, roasted, ground, milled, and conched in the Zotter facilities. According to chocolate expert Georg Bernardini, the author of Der Schokoladentester, the Labooko Nicaragua 50% by Zotter is the “best milk chocolate in the world.”

  1. Use all five senses. Learn how to tune into your senses and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of indulging in every inch of a chocolate bar. A promising piece of chocolate will have a shiny surface, thus indicating that the cocoa butter has been properly crystallized. The texture should not be floury or like clay; ideally, it should be smooth and melt without clumps. In regards to the sound it makes when you break it apart, it should snap neatly. The scent of it should not be masked by sugar or vanilla; it should smell overwhelmingly like chocolate. 

Once the above criteria have been satisfied, it’s time for the taste test: Break off half an inch of the chocolate and let the flavors melt across your tongue. The more surface area the chocolate covers, the more intense the flavors will be. The highest quality chocolate will linger on your taste buds for many minutes with an optimal balance of bitterness and acidity.

As with any new skill, becoming a chocolate connoisseur only comes with practice. Fortunately, Profood has stocked up with 18 flavors of Zotter chocolate bars with names like “White Goddess,” and “Indian Chai,” thereby making you a “maven of cacao” in no time.

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Melissa Katherine Trias is a luxury brand strategist from Los Angeles, California. She began her career by writing for The Jeju Weekly, a publication based on Jeju Island in South Korea. Melissa has since lived in Shanghai and currently resides in Hong Kong, cultivating her skills in writing, graphic design, and social media marketing. She has worked with notable clients such as Collins & Kent International Art Investment, Maximal Concepts, Sheer, Hong Kong Lifestyle Asia, Giamore and Wai Ming Studio. Follow her on Instagram.

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