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  • Take A Bite Bars: Healthy Snacking Made Easy!

June 02, 2016

If you’ve been overindulging in our range of Zotter chocolates and truffle cheese (and hey, we don’t blame you… they are delicious), our latest addition is exactly the kind of healthy snack to assuage any feelings of food guilt – Take A Bite bars!

These convenient little bars come from Russia with love and are the creation of Elena Shifrina, who was named Forbes’ 2013 Start-Up of the Year and Ernst & Young’s 2014 Food Entrepreneur of the Year. If you’ve ever picked up a supposedly “healthy” snack and been bamboozled by an incomprehensible ingredients list full of chemicals and E-numbers, this is the brand for you; all of Take A Bite’s 100% natural products are made from only fruits, nuts, berries, seeds and spices… and absolutely nothing else. That’s zero preservatives, zero added sugar, and zero artificial colourings or flavourings – pretty much the definition of clean eating but with added convenience!

We’re stocking all three ranges of Take A Bite bars at Profood: their regular 45g Bite bars (which come in 11 different flavours), their 30g Bite Slim bars that all contain less than 100kcal, and their Bitey fruit-packed bars made especially for children. We rounded up a Profood tasting panel to try the whole range of bars and the verdicts are in…

Rachel Read

Freelance writer, blogger at Through The Looking Glass and general layabout

As a freelance writer, my schedule can be somewhat erratic with no set meals, whilst my couch potato ways mean I often end up grabbing quick and easy junk food whenever hunger strikes – so I was excited to try a healthier type of snack. I’m a total chocoholic so was immediately drawn to the Chocolate & Nutmeg flavour; my brain automatically associates “healthy” with “tasteless”, so I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was! It had a lovely natural chocolate taste that wasn’t too sweet, I loved the combination of chocolate and peanuts and it was refreshing to see a clean ingredient list full of actual foods rather than weird chemicals and additives (it even counts as one of your five-a-day!). Although it looks a bit like the food astronauts take to space (a solid dark bar where you can’t really see the ingredients individually), I liked the chewy texture and the nuts gave it some crunch too. My other favourite was the Apricot & Almond; I especially liked the fruity tang of the dried apricot and the combination of cashew, sunflower and sesame seeds gave it a good crunch too. Overall, I could definitely see myself reaching for Take A Bite again when I want a healthy and convenient snack… especially the chocolate one!

Janice Leung-Hayes

Freelance writer, blogger at E-Ting and founder of Honestly Green (co-organisers of Tong Chong Street Market)

I think the Take A Bite bars are great for when you’ve hit a sugar low – it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a rubbishy snack but still satisfies that craving. My favourite of the ones I tried was the Spearmint & Almond; it reminded me of a less intense After Eight… and I love After Eights! Unlike the other health snacks I’ve tried, Take A Bite’s texture is somewhere between a fruit leather and a nut bar; it’s different but it works and I definitely preferred it to granola bars, which tend to be too dry and make you thirsty. Their compact size and slick packaging makes them light, easy to carry and convenient (I actually took one on a hike with me); I’d eat them again as an alternative to biscuits and the other unhealthy stuff I normally snack on in the middle of the afternoon… to make me feel better about myself!

Rachel Balota

Regular gym-goer, coffee geek and enthusiastic home cook at @dubdew

I’d describe myself as a kitchen adventurer who’s trying to lose fat without compromising on flavour, so I was interested to taste the Take A Bite bars! I tried the Peanut & Banana and thought it was a nice, compact snack that would be easy to bring to the gym for a low-fat post-workout carb hit that’s made of all-natural ingredients. The texture is pretty chewy due to the amount of dates used (this was the main flavour too and I do wish the peanuts and banana had shone through a bit more, as I love that combination!), but the inclusion of chia seeds gave it a much-needed crunch. Clean eaters tend to have to rely on homemade snack bars, so these are definitely a good commercially available option for extra ease and convenience.

Alex Farr

5-year old causer of chaos and son of Accidental Tai Tai (who may have helped a little with this write-up!)

I LOVE eating all types of bar so I was excited to try the Apple & Cherry Bitey, which Take A Bite have made especially for kids like me. I took it on a hike with Mummy to eat when I got tired and hungry – it was yummy and one of my favourite bars ever! Mummy says it’s good because it’s not too sweet, small enough to fit in her handbag and is good for me because it has lots of fruit inside (she had some too but it was so yummy I didn’t want to share). It is one of the best bars I have tried and I want another one! Oooh look a dog…

Photo by Kate Farr


So next time you feel a snack attack coming on, try a Take A Bite bar instead!

About The Author

Rachel Read is a freelance writer, editor and blogger with over a decade’s worth of media experience under her belt. In addition to co-founding writing & editing agency Editors’ Ink and writing her own lifestyle and beauty blog Through The Looking Glass, Rachel is a food lover whose job frequently involves checking out the latest restaurant openings in Hong Kong – yum! Follow her on Instagram for #foodporn aplenty.

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