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If decision-making isn’t your strongest suit, don’t worry – we’ve taken the stress out of Christmas shopping by putting together plenty of fantastic foodie gift ideas, especially for your nearest and dearest. From bumper-sized hampers to small stocking stuffers, we’ve got something for everyone; seasonal shopping doesn’t get much more scrumptious than this!


Christmas and indulgence practically go hand-in-hand – and what gets more indulgent than champagne and caviar? Can’t choose between the two? Get both! Our caviar and champagne bundles are the most delicious definition of decadence imaginable; choose between 50g, 100g or 250g tins of Black Adamas Italian sturgeon caviar (used by many of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the world) paired with a top-notch bottle of Legras & Haas French bubbly and you have a gift from the gourmet gods that’s definitely worth popping your cork for!

The Italians know a thing or two about living la dolce vita, so where better to seek some bellissima bounty this holiday season? If it’s full-on flavour you’re after, look no further than some of Modena’s finest balsamic vinegar – our range includes everything from a stocking stuffer-sized jar of fig-flavoured balsamic pearls to an ultra-rare 100-year aged vinegar! Cooking connoisseurs are certain to be wowed by Acetaia Leonardi’s gift set, which features a trio of dressings aged in different types of barrel to produce three distinct flavours; oak is a great all-rounder, juniper is ideal for roast and cured meats, game and mature cheese, whilst cherry works especially well with desserts… variety is the spice of life, after all!

The finest chocolate, cheese, charcuterie, condiments, coffee, sauces and wine… no, that’s not just the weekly shopping list here at Profood, but what you could be getting your mitts on with one of our exclusive Christmas hampers! These special holiday baskets are stuffed with all sorts of gourmand goodies that should satisfy any hungry foodies you’ve got on your gift list; we’ve even put together vegan and gluten-free options to make sure no-one is left out – and we won’t tell if you sneak in an extra hamper for yourself!


Desserts don’t get much more seasonal than gingerbread – and of course, we’ve bagged some of the best gingerbread on the block, just in time for Christmas! Austrian family-run bakers Regner have been creating perfect pastries since 1660 and are famed for their beautifully soft gingerbread; they now even make gluten-free versions so that coeliacs don’t have to miss out on the fun. Whether you opt for traditional, chocolate-dipped or a delicious variety pack, we guarantee you’re in for some fabulously festive flavour.


Chocolate goes down a treat anytime of year… but it just tastes that little bit better at Christmas, don’t you agree? Zotter’s organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar creations are a chocoholic’s dream – their Nicaragua 50% blend was even named the best milk chocolate in the world! If you know someone whose vision of the perfect Christmas involves a bar of chocolate in one hand and a mug of hot chocolate in the other, check out their Xocitto drinking chocolate; simply add hot water, milk and sugar as needed to make the perfect cup of cocoa.


If you know a cook whose kitchen skills need sharpening up – quite literally! – then a Berti knife set might be the answer to all their masterchef dreams. Founded in 1895, this Italian workshop hand-makes every single knife using artisanal techniques that have been passed down generations; the same craftsman makes each knife from start to end, engraving their initials once it’s finished to create a true one-of-a-kind piece. Steak knives, cheese knives, kitchen knives, even a jamon slicer… these blades are the best in the business!

If you know someone that believes a good day starts with a good coffee, the Mogi Caffé gift box is a must-have, featuring a tin of Mogi’s signature blend of South American coffee beans, plus a stylish Lunika 360 moka pot to brew your cuppa in. Made from solid wood and steel, its chic streamlined design means your drink stays hot even whilst the wooden exterior remains cool, meaning no cumbersome handles are required! Simply pour water into the bottom section, add ground coffee to the middle plate, screw it back on and wait for your perfect cuppa. Grabbing a morning espresso just got a whole lot easier!

If none of these gifts take your fancy, don’t forget to have a browse around our special Christmas shop section for plenty more present inspiration – happy shopping!

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