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  • Profood Tasting Panel: Getting All Dressed Up with Emils Organic Dressings

October 12, 2016

We love a good kitchen shortcut here at Profood – and our latest pantry staple superstars are Emils organic dressings and mayonnaise. This award-winning German brand is exactly what we look for in our gourmet quick fixes because their products are every bit as wholesome and delicious (maybe even more so!) as something we’d make ourselves. All their dressings are 100% organic, non heat-treated, are sugar, gluten, lactose and soy-free, and contain absolutely zero additives, natural or otherwise, like preservatives or thickeners… or as they say, “just like grandma would have done it”!

What’s more, the majority of Emils’ dressings are vegan – quite the feat when many chefs insist a good mayonnaise is all about eggs. It took the team three years to make a delicious mayonnaise that didn’t simply use soy or thickeners to create the right taste and consistency… but based on the fantastic flavour and beautiful creaminess of their three mayos, we reckon it was well worth the wait!

We’ve rounded up a Profood tasting panel to put the Emils line-up to the test and provide a little bit of recipe inspiration – here’s what they thought:

Michelle Ng @chopstixfix

Co-founder and teaching consultant at Empire Education by day, chief eater and blogger at Chopstixfix by night

I had a pretty busy week so needed to make something quick and easy… but still delicious, of course. I used the Emils Vegan Mayonnaise with Lemon to create an egg mayonnaise salad, with Granny Smith apples and cherry tomatoes – after all, sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. If you hadn’t told me the mayonnaise was vegan, I would never have guessed; it was light and tasty, with the lemon flavour coming through to add a bit of zest that I really enjoyed. I’ve still got plenty left in my jar so I’m already looking forward to cooking up more recipes with it… I’m thinking salmon fishcakes will be really yummy!

Karen Chiang @helloabella

Lifestyle blogger at Helloabella and keen kitchen apprentice to her chef girlfriend

I’m not going to lie… when I was first handed Emils Vegan French Vinaigrette, I was a little bit dubious about how thick and yellow it was – but let me promise you, it tastes a lot better than it looks! My girlfriend and I decided to use it in the filling for a hearty, veggie brunch sandwich with scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mixed greens; we absolutely loved how flavourful it was thanks to the mix of mustard and herbs – rich, tangy and punchy in all the right ways. It really does make the perfect relish for a sandwich… almost like a liquid pickle (I reckon it’d be absolutely delicious in a pastrami sandwich too)! I was super impressed with the taste, especially given Emils’ organic, no-additives philosophy – if all vegan sauces taste this good, I’m a definite convert! 

Emils Vegan French Vinaigrette

Daniel Cheung @deeseebeaucoup

Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, restaurant PR and food tour guide for Little Adventures in Hong Kong

I love doing #MeatlessMondays so receiving the Emils Vegan Remoulade was just the inspiration I needed to create a delicious, vegan dish. I made a tower of sweetcorn, quinoa and avocado, which I dressed with the creamy remoulade sauce (I like my quinoa dry so didn’t add too much, although you can adapt this for personal taste); I then added some burnt-then-frozen Muscat grapes for an extra burst of freshness… and an extra touch of ostentatious plating! I was pretty impressed with the sauce – it had a good texture and was easy to work with. Most importantly though, it tasted just as good as a regular remoulade, so it’s definitely a great alternative for vegans… and the clean, organic ingredient list makes it a healthier and greener alternative for everyone really! 

Emils Vegan Remoulade

Iris Van Kerckhove @irisvk

Host and producer of food trends podcast Feast Meets West 

I’ve always loved balsamic vinegar so was excited to try Emils Vegan Balsamic Dressing, although I was a little worried when I saw how thick it was – normally I prefer lighter balsamic vinaigrettes. However, it actually had a sweet, fruity and light balsamic flavour, with enough acidity to balance out the creaminess. I decided to made a simple Mediterranean salad with mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion and sardines; the dressing worked really well and wasn't at all greasy or heavy once it was mixed in. I think this would be absolutely perfect for people who want to eat more fresh greens but need a sweet, flavourful dressing to make a salad more palatable; it also made for an awesome veggie dip – simply cut up some carrot or cucumber sticks and you’ve got a great, healthy afternoon snack! Given its clean ingredients, this is definitely a much better pick than anything you'd get at your average supermarket. 

Emils Vegan Sylter Balsamic Dressing

Gary Suen @g4gary

Enthusiastic home cook, food blogger at Joie de Vivre and Profood recipe genius

I decided to stick with the company’s vegetarian philosophy and make arancini and portobello mushroom sliders using Emils Honey & Mustard Dressing as a dip; these could work either as canapés, an appetiser or in my case, a midnight snack! Just roll leftover rice into small balls (long or short grain, it doesn’t matter), dip them into a wet batter of flour, baking soda and water, then top them with breadcrumbs and deep-fry until they’re golden-brown. Separately, either grill or pan grill the mushrooms with a splash of oil and salt, quarter them and serve on top of each arancini ball. I often find shop-bought honey mustard dressings too sharp or overwhelmingly strong, but this one had a lovely smooth taste that went excellently with my sliders. I’m already thinking of what else I can use it with: as a sandwich spread, a dipping sauce for other canapés or hors d'oeuvres, a salad dressing, mixed with cream as a sauce for grilled vegetables, seafood or poultry dishes… the possibilities are endless! 

Emils Vegan Honey Mustard Dressing

Stu Farr, husband of @accidental_tt

Kitchen whizz, father-of-two and husband of freelance writer and blogger Kate (aka Accidental Tai Tai)

As a dedicated carnivore, I have to admit to being a little sceptical about a vegan mayonnaise – but I was pleasantly surprised! Emils Vegan Mayonnaise had a good creamy texture, which was impressive given the lack of egg, and felt less cloying and fresher than normal mayonnaise; in fact, it reminded me of salad cream. I used it in a US-style coleslaw as a light veggie side to pair with spice-rubbed baby back ribs, freshly baked cornbread, vegetable skewers and homemade BBQ sauce (Profood cheat: try Eckart’s ready-made barbecue sauces if you’re short on time!). The mayonnaise had a slight sweetness and punchy mustard tang, which worked really well in the ‘slaw. It’s definitely a good fridge staple to have on-hand for quick sandwiches and salads for the whole family – especially whenever we have vegan friends over for lunch!

Emils Vegan Mayo 

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Rachel Read is a freelance writer, editor and blogger with over a decade’s worth of media experience under her belt. In addition to co-founding writing & editing agency Editors’ Ink and writing her own lifestyle and beauty blog Through The Looking Glass, Rachel is a food lover whose job frequently involves checking out the latest restaurant openings in Hong Kong – yum! Follow her on Instagram for #foodporn aplenty.

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