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  • Bohos and Bomboloni at #Ketis40sBash

One month ago (oh my how time flies!) Profood and sister company Prowine had the great pleasure to celebrate a very important day, with a very special lady. To commemorate her 40th birthday Keti (aka Ketina or Struzzina for friends) decided to take her 100+ guests on a sensorial journey through her life, loves and passions which - as anyone who has met her will agree - would not be complete without a feast of the finest food and wine for all to enjoy!

The theme of the night was Boho Chic, which was stunningly captured through the lens of the gifted Flora Chow. The dream team that made this culinary extravaganza possible were Valentino Ugolini from Ciak in The Kitchen, Alessandro Angelini from Joia, Giuseppe Maria Brancati from Regal Hotel and Noemi Acosta Gutierrez from Zelo, together with Aarik Persaud and the incredible staff at Hong Kong's new food-lovers layer The Butcher's Club. The beautifully decorated open space was adorned with several food stations to create an aperitivo experience, with scrumptious cold cuts, various tapas and cheeses including Bidinelli mortadella with fresh black summer truffle, DOK Dall'Ava prosciutto di San Daniele, and grissini, Sirana Gligora truffle cheese and - everyone's all-time favourite - Don Bocarte anchovies from the Bay of Biscay on toasted bread with butter. A table of exquisite fresh oysters, and Belgian's popular mussels with fries (moules-frites) completed the gastronomic experience.

Now I highly suggest you take out pen and paper (sure, your smartphone works too) and mark down the following list of wines. Not only did they liven our spirits and hydrate our palates into the wee hours of this Hong Kong night, but they were carefully selected by the birthday girl herself. As a certified and talented sommelier, member of the Italian Association of Sommeliers to be precise, each winery and each bottle was specifically chosen to represent a different chapter of her life.

Here we go:

Antinori: Tignanello 2010, Cervaro della Sala 2011, Muffato della Sala Antinori
Tasca d'AlmeritaAlmerita Brut NV, Nozze d'oro 2011, Chardonnay Tasca 2008
Bellavista WineryBellavista Brut NV 
Ceretto WineryBlangee Ceretto Magnum 2012, Barolo Brunate Ceretto 2006, Moscato Passito Ceretto 2001
Tenuta di PetroloTorrione 2008, Torrione 2009 , Torrione 2010, Galatrona 2010
32 Via dei Birrai: Audace, Curmi, Oppale


"A special thanks to Ed1tus and Casa Capriz for the amazing space, and a heartfelt thank you to all! Every person, every face, every smile, all the gestures, all the words, you made this party unforgettable! Always dream, hope, love #ketis40sbash".

And what better way to end such an unforgettable night than a birthday bombolone?

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A native Italian-Austrian based in Hong Kong, Tamara Agusta is a branding expert, integrative nutrition fanatic, aspiring yogi, food nerd, and the General Manager at Profood Hong Kong. Beautiful designs make her happy, and she cannot live without avocados, airplanes, coffee (MOGI, of course) or Evernote. Follow her on Instagram.

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